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5 best baby monitor apps for Android!

At the present age, the internet seems to be an indispensable thing in our lives. Most activities such as work, study, entertainment, need the Internet. Almost all of us have our own smartphones. The number of using smartphones is very numerous. For example, we can use it to listen to music, watch movies, contact, take photos, etc. One of the smartphone functions that is essential for parents is the baby monitoring function. However, in order to use this function, you need to install baby monitor apps. The following article will introduce 5 best baby monitor apps for Android in 2019.

AtHome Camera


AtHome Camera is an application that can play online video from 1 or more cameras, even record video to the device. Thanks to using this app, you can monitor family security or supervise children when you are absent.

This application not only captures images but also accepts audio. Recorded videos can be saved to MP4 format. Images can also be captured and saved in JPG format.


The same as AtHome Camera, BabyCam is one of the best baby monitoring apps for android. It is completely free! This app requires you to have 2 devices. A device must be placed near your baby so you can see your baby through the other device. However, this application sometimes has some minor errors

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G is a very effective baby tracking application. Through the provision of real-time videos of this application, parents can easily control children’s activities anywhere and anytime.


Dormi is one of the best baby monitor apps for Android. In some cases, users can still use this application without a network connection. Users can subscribe to a monthly service package for $ 0.99 to unlock all of its features. The free version allows users to try 4 hours a month.

Dormi is one of the best baby monitor apps for Android.

WiFi Baby Monitor

WiFi Baby Monitor is a pretty young monitoring application with simple operation principles. You need to have 2 devices connected to the same wifi. Then you put 1 device into your baby’s room and it will notify you when something happens. With the free version, you will be supported with voice monitoring and most of its features. With the paid version, you will be supported by video surveillance and not be bothered by ads.

There are top 5 best baby monitor apps for Android in 2019. Do you like them?

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