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5 best security apps for Android that aren’t antivirus apps!

When you are in need of something, you absolutely “google” is and there are a thousand choices for you. These apps improve your security without requiring many resources. The article will list the five best security apps for Android.

Applock by DoMobile Lab

Applock keeps lock and key for devices. Source: Biometric Today

Applock is one of the most lightweight security apps for Android. Its name says how it functions. You keep all other apps under a lock and key, including the apps available on the phone and the apps you download from the Internet.

Using this app, you can protect your important information, for example, when your kids take your phone and start pressing. Your sensitive apps and data are also kept away from your curious people.



Bouncer is a new security app which deals with your permissions. We all know that the other apps often require something to let you continuously use them, for instance, access to your device’s location. If you do not want this app to get your permission every time, Bouncer is an effective solution. It will ask you whether you want to remove the permission after exiting the app. Then it automatically does that task for you.

Find My Device by Google

Google’s Find My Device app allows you to locate your lost device. Source: Android Central
Google’s Find My Device app allows you to locate your lost device. Source: Android Central

Find My Device helps you easily locate your device in case you lost it and plays a sound so that others will notice it. Even if you do not get your phone because other tries to steal it, you can use “secure it” function to protect your information.

This security app allows you to set a password for your lost device, so you will be the only one to unlock it. You also can leave a message for anyone finding your phone so that they easily give it back to you.

Firefox Focus

firefox focus

Firefox Focus provides security when you are using a browser. It helps you delete your activities whenever you want. The advertisements will no longer appear and make you upset because this app will remove them all. It also blocks website trackers so that they cannot see you.



LastPass is an effective way to manage your password. It allows you to store all your passwords for quick recall. Obviously, storing your PINs here is safer than other places, for example, writing it on your notebook. You can choose LastPass Authenticator for better security for your device or using the free version is still fine.

In the information era, your data becomes attractive and pricey. It is necessary for you to protect your own information, maybe with the help your these five security apps.

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