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5 best video player apps for Android!

In current times, mobile devices are a very important part of every person’s life. There are numerous benefits of using mobile devices. In fact, we can use mobile devices to work, entertain, etc. One of the functions of mobile devices that many people care about is the video player function. This article will introduce 5 best video player apps for Android.

Mobo Video player

Mobo Video player

This is a great application for you to enjoy both online and offline video. Thanks to using this application, users can watch videos smoothly and not be bothered by ads. With an eye-catching interface and good multitasking capabilities, it is a great application that you should have in your device.

Dice player

One of the 5 best video player apps for Android today is Dice player. This application gives users a great experience. This application is suitable for watching MKV format videos thanks to its high multitasking. It is also a good choice for low-end phones that have a simple interface

MX Player

MX Player is rated as the best video player application on Play Store. Especially, this app is completely free. However, you will be bothered by ads. If you buy the Pro version for $ 6, it will become a great application. This app has a stream feature, excellent sound quality, most of the subtitles are supported by it.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android

VLC is also a great application in the field of video players. It is true to say that this app is a serious competitor of MX Player. VLC has extremely great features such as compatibility with most video formats; adjust brightness, sound on the screen; pause video and users can replay videos at need without installing codecs.

Another, it has some disadvantages like rudimentary interface, rudimentary support, etc.

BS Player

BS Player is also in the top 5 best video player apps for Android in 2019. Eye-catching interface, good support features are some of the advantages of BS.player. It is a bright candidate that can replace MX player and VLC.

The BS player has a number of outstanding features like Video streaming which is supported by YouTube. Users can play videos from rar files that have not been unzipped, Besides, it helps users to create and manage playlists effectively.

The above are the top 5 best video player apps for Android in 2019. Please try to use them!

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